Working Parents and their pursuit of education

Working Parents and their pursuit of education

Did you know that there is both a daycare center and high school located on Cooper St. near Rutgers-Camden? 

How many of you rush to school after dropping off your children and rush going home when it’s time to pick them up? Also how many of you have a job or jobs outside of school? Oftentimes we forget how busy life can be and more importantly how having children while trying to further our education can be challenging. 

The Early Learning Research Academy and LEAP Academy University Charter School have allowed children to begin early development in education from infancy to high school and all the way up to graduate school. All of this is achieved within neighboring blocks.

The Early Learning Academy is an advanced utility and research center at Rutgers that provides early childhood education to 126 infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. ERLA goes beyond the bounds of traditional childhood programs by implementing dual-language learning, literacy, and writing.

ERLA also offer inclusive health services to families as well as capitalizing on the research mission of Rutgers by documenting and advancing research in early childhood education and development. There are two key programs:

Infant & Toddler Development Program for 36 children age eight weeks to three years old. The I-T Program uses a dual-language “World at their Fingertips” curriculum developed by Bright Horizons, Inc.

Preschool Program for 90 children age three years to five years old. The Preschool Program features a dual-language creative curriculum and is part of the Camden Board of Education’s Early Childhood program.

LEAP Academy University Charter School (Leadership, Education, and Partnership) is a public charter school that serves Camden city students from Kindergarten through 12th grade. Their core principle is that “all children and families deserve access to a quality public education.”


The convenience of both of these academies allows Camden County and Rutgers University faculty and students to send their children to school without having to worry about distance.

It’s such a good feeling to know that Rutgers is a part of and is surrounded by schools that will benefit both students and the parents. Also the help and research that Rutgers Camden offers is so rewarding to the Camden community.

So if you are a part of the Rutgers-Camden team in any way e.g. student, faculty, or resident, take the time to check out what’s offered and see the many resources that can be beneficial both to you and to the Camden community.

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