Next Tuesday is all about transfers!

As the spring semester closes and Rutgers-Camden students gear up for finals, “Transfer Tuesday” is quickly approaching. But don’t jump too soon. If you’re looking to become a part of the Rutgers-Camden community, this event may be for you.

Held on the last Tuesday of every month, Rutgers-Camden staff devotes an entire day to helping students with the transfer process. says they “offer appointments in 30-minute intervals from noon to 7 P.M. Advance registration is required.” Future students will want to keep this in mind when attending this event.

Students will meet one-on-one with a counselor who will help with the application process. While you’re there you can also receive “an unofficial evaluation of your college credits, speak to a financial aid representative, and go on a campus tour.” This event is free of charge to interested transfer students.

Who is eligible? To apply for a transfer, you must be a high school graduate and have completed 12 college credits. There’s no minimum GPA required to transfer into Rutgers-Camden. Other students who wish to transfer may want to keep their official college transcript, official high school transcript, and GED results nearby.

April’s Transfer Tuesday is scheduled for the 28th of the month. For more information, contact the Admissions Office at 856-225-6104 or

To apply visit

For more information on the event visit

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