Toga! Toga?

Toga! Toga?

There are 17 proud flags in support of Greek life on campus and to some this marks a very large stamp on campus.  Greek Life.

Fraternities and Sororities are social organizations that allow for people to come together and bond in a family type setting. This setting gives leadership and volunteer opportunities that students use to help make an impact on their future endeavors. The fun and family bond is just an amazing perk.

Tau Epsilon Phi and Phi Mu Delta worked together and raised $3,500 for the St. Baldrick’s foundation. Alpha Kappa Alpha are working on doing their share of the One Million Backpack challenge. This is just a small glimpse into the many things that the Fraternities and Sororities do to make an impact in the area.

The thing is Greek Life is not the only organization on campus that pride fully stamps itself across Camden. The Korean Student Association is one of many other social organizations on campus. It held the kstar event in the Multi-purpose Room last Tuesday. The Campus Activity Board is a student-run organization that sets up events like May 4th’s Outdoor Laser Tag and Human Foosball game in the Quad during free period. A luau was held the other day by CAB and student feedback was very positive.

Rutgers Camden thrives on student social organizations. Without them Rutgers would be, well, boring. With the spring semester coming to a close, it may not be an optimal window to join a club, but before you know it the fall semester will be here and you can find a club that speaks to you. The school has a page that you can visit and find a place that fits your needs, one you can embrace here on campus.

Whether or not you sport Greek letters or embrace an organization from another social club. Rutgers Camden prides itself with allowing groups to come together and form a bond. This bond may last through our college career or may last until eternity. Regardless part of the Raptortude, is embracing acceptance and becoming one with each other.

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