The Best Team Nobody Pays Attention to         Wins NEAC Tournament

The Best Team Nobody Pays Attention to Wins NEAC Tournament

Golf is usually a sport that sits low on the totem pole of the most popular sports in America, unless Tiger Woods is playing.

Only during their big major events does golf takes the main stage onto the American cable television sets and try to capture the sports world… Or if their premier superstar gets caught sleeping with other women while married.

At Rutgers-Camden University, much of the attitude surrounds the low-profile sport of golf. At a school where the soccer and baseball teams are among the nation’s best, golf takes a back seat in the hearts of Scarlet Raptor sports fans.

With that being said, I want to make a public service announcement: The Rutgers- Camden University golf team deserves more respect!

I want this article to serve as your wakeup call, bringing your attention to a team who has enjoyed a stellar season to say the least. Dating back to this fall, the golf team have won five out of their 12 matches, including four of their last five this spring!

I know in soccer and baseball, winning four out of five games isn’t something to get extremely excited for, but in the golf world, this is an amazing feat.

The Scarlet Raptor golf team have been on a torrid pace since the last week of March winning those four of five team matches, with a second place finish. Collectively, they have all stepped up their games and vastly improved during a season that has them as the team to beat in the Northeastern Athletic Conference.

Sophomore Kevin Sarlo has been the driving force of the team this season, shooting an average score of 79 and 8 over par which at the college level is really good. Sarlo has individually won twice this season including six top-five finishes. His best match came at the Immaculatta Invitational, where he posted a score of 76, winning the tournament.

Seniors Nick Baird and Kevin Anderson have also been consistent performers this season, shooting average scores of 80.6 and 82.9 respectively which is good for second and fourth on the team. Baird has individually finished in the overall top ten six times in tournaments, while Anderson has done it four times.   

Not to be outdone, senior standout Christopher McDonald has helped propel the team to greater heights this season with his play. He is shooting an average score of 81.8 and has won a match this season, tying for first at the Stockton Invitational shooting a 79. He has finished in the top ten six times.

With a great nucleus of young talent and experience, the Rutgers-Camden golf team has made a name for themselves, even if it has gone under the radar.

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