May the Votes Be Ever in Your Favor

May the Votes Be Ever in Your Favor


As of April 20th, the new members of the SGA executive board have been announced! The official results are: Abdullah Abdelaziz as President, Chris Church as Vice President, Dana Stowe as Secretary, Ydian Velez as GAO Chairperson, and Balaj Singh as Treasurer. Congratulations to all elected candidates and best of luck in the 2015-2016 academic year!

This past month, the Campus Center has been bustling with activity even more than usual, as students rush to collect signatures for their SGA petitions.

The petition packets, which were available at the IMPACT Booth for whoever was interested in holding an SGA position next fall, called for 100 signatures for E-board positions and 50 signatures for at-large positions.

Nearly 20 students requested petition packets in hopes of landing positions such as, SGA president, vice president, treasurer, secretary and General Assembly of Operations (GAO) chairperson, as well as university senators and at-large representatives for each of the colleges on campus.

“You would not think that people don’t feel like signing a simple piece of paper just so you can run for Student Government,” said Ydian Velez, who is running for the GAO chairperson position, about the difficulties of collecting enough signatures. “[Students] are very skeptical, for some reason, so that was a little difficult, but luckily I did get all 100 signatures.”

Current SGA secretary Balaj Singh cites unawareness as the main reason for students not to vote or even run for positions. “We are not a traditional campus; 86% of our campus is [made up of] commuters. The only people that are really involved are a handful of motivated commuters and the residents.”

Singh hopes that with the coming campaigning days, candidates will be able to reach out to students that would otherwise not be aware of the election.

You can catch any of the candidates campaigning all over campus now until Friday April 17th. There will also be an opportunity for students to meet all of the candidates on Tuesday April 7th during the free period in the MPR.

On Wednesday April 8th there will be a debate among the candidates that are seeking positions as GAO chairperson, treasurer, and secretary, and on Thursday April 9th there will be a debate among those interested in positions as president or vice president. These events will be crucial for the student population to attend because they are opportunities for the candidates to present their platforms and ideas to the public.

Voting for all positions will take place the week of April 13th, and all current students are eligible to vote, so don’t miss out!

The results of the election will be revealed on Monday, April 20th.



Below are all the important dates you should keep in mind:


Meet the Candidates

April 7th during the free period in the MPR

Debate Part I

Featuring GAO chairperson, treasurer, and secretary candidates

April 8th at 4:30pm in South ABC Conference Room

Debate Part II

Featuring president and vice president candidates

April 9th during the free period in the MPR


April 13th to April 17th


For more information on the election process or any SGA-related inquiries, you can contact Patrick Wallace, Associate Director of the Campus Center, at or visit

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