African Student Association Celebrates African Culture

African Student Association Celebrates African Culture

At a time of discrimination and turmoil involving African Americans nationwide, there is no better moment to come together for tolerance.

With that mission in mind, Rutgers Camden’s own African Student Association will be hosting its fifth annual banquet this Wednesday, April 29 in the Multi Purpose Room at 7PM.

The yearly banquet consists of a formal dinner featuring authentic African foods and all kinds of entertainment, including dance performances by the ASA dance team, poetry readings, and musical performances.

The event also features a fashion show, which highlights African-inspired creations from local designers.

This particular year, the central theme of the event is “Black Excellence,” with the intent to honor noteworthy Africans and African Americans who have overcome discrimination and societal pressures in order to succeed. The African Student Association will recognize members of the Rutgers community who encompass the spirit of black excellence, as well as honoring those who have lost their lives because of the color of their skin.

In the news most recently is the case of Freddie Gray, who died from spinal injuries after his arrest in Baltimore. Whether it be the result of police brutality or racial discrimination in general, the attacks on the black community have been much too prominent in the past few years.

Come out to the ASA’s Black Excellence banquet to celebrate African culture and black lives. Tickets are free for students and $5 for non-Rutgers students, and may be purchased at the IMPACT Booth up until the day of the event. The banquet is a formal event so attendees are expected to dress up in formal attire or in traditional African clothing.


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