Register on Time

Don’t be late!

Fall registration is coming quickly. Too often students wait until the last minute to register for classes and then become frustrated when they are unable to receive the classes they need.

Registering on time gives students the peace of mind in knowing that their classes are guaranteed and there’s no worry when classes begin. Nearly every semester the academic advising office is flooded with students who want assistance with scheduling right away for courses that are already full.

Students often come in on the last day to register and expect to be in and out with no hassle. Dream on.

The purpose of academic advising is to allow students to see where they currently are in regard to their education plan and what steps should be taken for their future plans. Students are encouraged to meet with an advisor at the start of their journey at Rutgers Camden and every semester going forward.

The online website,, is very informative and can provide answers to questions that they may have about advising. Also students can see a breakdown of info useful to incoming students (freshman and transfer students), current students (sophomores and juniors), and seniors (commencement information).

There is also a blog where students can go and check out the latest post on what students should do along with other important events.

Remember! Be on time and have a peace of mind.

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