Classical Music is a Hit at Rutgers Camden

If you’ve ever walked past the Mallery Room on a Wednesday at noon, you surely have heard cathartic classical pieces coming from a room packed with an attentive audience.

This has been the scene every Wednesday since 2008, when Dr. Joe Schiavo took over artistic direction of the Mallery Concert Series, following the retirement of the late Dr. W. Davis Jerome. Dr. Jerome established what was then known as the Distinguished Artist Series in the fall of 1986 as a way to showcase local talent.

Since its conception, the Mallery Concert Series has evolved into a great way for students, faculty, and community members to enjoy classical pieces every week, as well as a platform for talented artists to display their skills and try out their repertoires before playing for larger audiences.

Every week a different artist performs in the Mallery Room, featuring instruments like the pianos, violin, and even saxophone. While the performances are booked by Dr. Schiavo a year in advance, there are opportunities for new artists to join the concert series.

“There are a number of artists that participate in the series on a regular basis every semester but I am always looking for new talent to perform,” says Dr. Schiavo.

You can catch any of the following acts in the Mallery Room on the second floor of the Fine Arts Building during the free period:                                                                     Gavin^Black

Gavin Black, harpsichord
Wednesday, April 1


Timur Mustakimov, piano
Wednesday, April 8

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Charles Abromovic, piano
Misoon Ghim, voice
Wednesday, April 15


Matthew Bengtson, piano
Wednesday, April 22

For more information on the Mallery Concert Series please visit or contact Jake Hufner at or 856-225-2870.

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